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I’m not one to waste time on my hair. I want a few great products that make styling easier. This is my take on great hair made easy. Enjoy.

Hair Styling Basics Made Easy

By Cecily Whiteside

It’s a familiar story. You walk out of the beauty salon with a gorgeous new cut, expertly styled. All day you stand taller, feel more beautiful, smile at strangers and congratulate yourself on your new look. But come morning, stepping out of the shower, you confront your image in the mirror and think, “now what?” Getting that perfect look back without help seems impossible.

Styling products can be your best friend or worst enemy. Putting in the wrong thing for your hair’s texture or length can sabotage your look, no matter how good your cut. Pick the right product and are on your way to great hair.

“The first thing I look at is the health of your hair,” says Felicia Draughon, owner of Roots Organic Salon and expert stylist. “What nutrients does it need to look healthy? Is it previously colored? Highlighted? Sun-damaged? Wind-damaged? Hair care products today are smarter about making hair healthy again. We tend to over-process with heat; blow dryer, flat iron. Beautiful hair is healthy hair.”

No matter your hair type or length, the first suggestion Draughon has is to use a protein spray. “They are light and add nutrients into damaged hair without making it sticky or crunchy. It fills in the porous ends and makes it look and feel healthy.” For fine hair, she suggests a volumizer on the roots. Then it’s time to pick your style:


Mousse makes hair bigger and controls frizz. “I would use mousse on curly girls,” Draughon says. “It gives control, definition and volume. For fine, thin hair mousse would weigh it down.” While mousse comes out of the can foamy, it reduces as you apply it, which can make it difficult to control exactly how much goes where. And read the label before you buy. Mousse that contains alcohol will dry out hair, making it brittle and easily broken while styling.


Gel is basically mousse without the aerosol. This makes it both easier to gauge how much to use — and makes it easier to over-use. Gel comes in several levels of hold. Coarse, wavy hair needs strong hold, while lighter, finer hair needs light hold. “Gel is great if you want a lot of control,” says Draughon. “Spray gel is best if you want hold, but don’t want that 40s pin-up look. Like Jessica Rabbit.”

Pomade and Wax

These products give a firm style. “The only time you want to break out a pomade is for pixie cuts and crops,” says Draughon. “One of my favorite tricks is to use a beard balm as a pomade. Thinking outside the box is good. I love to experiment.”


“These are my favorite,” says Draughon. Pastes are a hybrid of pomade, wax and conditioner. “They are great for all kinds of hair; thick, coarse, long, short, curly. Pastes are fabulous!”

To finish up your style, try a few drops of argon oil or roucou oil. Be sparing, though, since over-use can give you a greasy sheen instead of a warm glow. To keep hair in place, a small amount of hairspray can help, but again, be sparing. The glued-in-place look went out with the 70s.

Here’s to your beautiful hair!